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             abstract = "This paper presents an efficient IrisCode classifier, built from 
                         phase features which uses AdaBoost for the selection of Gabor 
                         wavelets bandwidths. The final iris classifier consists of a 
                         weighted contribution of weak classifiers. As weak classifiers we 
                         use 3-split decision trees that identify a candidate based on the 
                         Levenshtein distance between phase vectors of the respective iris 
                         images. Our experiments show that the Levenshtein distance has 
                         better discrimination in comparing IrisCodes than the Hamming 
                         distance. Our process also differs from existing methods because 
                         the wavelengths of the Gabor filters used, and their final weights 
                         in the decision function, are chosen from the robust final 
                         classifier, instead of being fixed and/or limited by the 
                         programmer, thus yielding higher iris recognition rates. A 
                         pyramidal strategy for cascading filters with increasing 
                         complexity makes the system suitable for realtime operation.",
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