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             abstract = "Planes are important geometric features and can be used in a wide 
                         range of vision tasks like scene reconstruc- tion, path planning 
                         and robot navigation. This work aims to illustrate a plane 
                         segmentation system based on homography computation and optical 
                         flow estimation. Firstly, using two image frames from a monocular 
                         sequence, a set of match pairs of interest points is obtained. An 
                         algorithm was developed to cluster interest points belonging to 
                         the same plane based on the reprojection error of the affine 
                         homography. From the calculated homographies, the planar flow is 
                         computed for each image pixel. Following this, the estimated 
                         optical flow is used to expand and identify each detected plane. 
                         An optical flow estimation method based on color information is 
                         presented. Tests were performed in different sequences of indoor 
                         and outdoor images and results validate the proposed system.",
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