%0 Conference Proceedings
%A Amorim, Willian Paraguassu,
%A Pistori, Hemerson,
%A Pereira, Mauro Conti,
%A Jacinto, Manuel Antonio Chagas,
%T Attributes Reduction applied to Leather Defects Classification
%B Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 23 (SIBGRAPI)
%D 2010
%E Bellon, Olga,
%E Esperanša, Claudio,
%S Proceedings
%8 Aug. 30 - Sep. 3, 2010
%J Los Alamitos
%I IEEE Computer Society
%C Gramado
%K Attributes reduction, Linear discriminant analysis, Leather defect detection.
%X This paper presents a study on attributes reduction, comparing five discriminant analysis techniques: FisherFace, CLDA, DLDA, YLDA and KLDA. Attributes reduction has been applied to the problem of leather defect classification using four different classifiers: C4.5, kNN, Naive Bayes and Support Vector Machines. The results of several experiments on the performance of discriminant analysis applied to the problem of defect detection are reported.
%1 Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, 23.(SIBGRAPI)
%@language en
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