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             abstract = "In spite of graphics hardware advancements, graphics memory is 
                         still a scarce resource for usual applications. Besides, for most 
                         raster-based applications, the available bandwidth is one 
                         important limiting factor for increasing performance in the 
                         system. Texture compression addresses both of these problems. We 
                         introduce a new technique for compression of textures synthesized 
                         from samples. The compressed texture stores the sample plus 
                         encoded data, gathered during synthesis, which enables real-time 
                         decompression of large textures. With this scheme we are able to 
                         achieve high compression rates. Our solution explores a spectrum 
                         of textures where general texture compression schemes achieve less 
                         than optimal compression rates. These are usually textures with 
                         repeating patterns, regular or near-regular ones, and stochastic 
                         ones, the exactly types of textures where texture synthesis 
                         algorithms perform well. We also present analytical formulae for 
                         our compression scheme that allows an exact computation of 
                         compression rates achieved.",
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