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             abstract = "In this paper we present a planar fiducial marker system to be 
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                         full 3D pose estimation of the markers with superior accuracy when 
                         compared with many fiducial systems, while color information is 
                         used to provide more than \n{65000} distinct markers. In contrast 
                         with most color-based fiducial frameworks, ours requires no prior 
                         classification training nor color calibration other than a rough 
                         white balance adjustment and can perform reliably under 
                         illumination changes. Finally, we also provide means of detecting 
                         when poor illumination conditions will compromise marker 
                         identification, thus avoiding to evaluate a false marker 
                         identification. We present several experiments that show 
                         significant improvement in accuracy of estimation of both position 
                         and orientation when compared with traditional techniques.",
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