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             abstract = "This article presents a new method for discovering hidden patterns 
                         in high-dimensional dataset resulting from image registration. It 
                         is based on true factor analysis, a statistical model that aims to 
                         find clusters of correlated variables. Applied to medical imaging, 
                         factor analysis can potentially identify regions that have 
                         anatomic significance and lend insight to knowledge discovery and 
                         morphometric investigations related to pathologies. Existent 
                         factor analytic methods require the computation of the sample 
                         covariance matrix and are thus limited to low-dimensional variable 
                         spaces. The proposed algorithm is able to compute the coefficients 
                         of the model without the need of the covariance matrix, expanding 
                         its spectrum of applications. The method's efficiency and 
                         effectiveness is demonstrated in a study of volumetric variability 
                         related to the Alzheimer's disease. .",
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