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             abstract = "Patch-based texture synthesis builds a texture by joining together 
                         blocks of pixels -- patches -- of the original sample. Usually the 
                         best patches are selected among all possible using a \$L2\$ norm 
                         on the RGB or grayscale pixel values of boundary zones. The 
                         \$L2\$ metric provides the raw pixel-to-pixel difference, 
                         disregarding relevant image structures -- such as edges -- that 
                         are relevant in the human visual system and therefore on synthesis 
                         of new textures. We present a wavelet-based approach for selecting 
                         patches for patch-based texture synthesis. For each possible patch 
                         we compute the wavelet coefficients for the boundary region and 
                         pick the patch with the smallest error computed from the wavelet 
                         coefficients. We show that the use of wavelets as metric for 
                         selection of the best patches improves texture synthesis for 
                         samples which previous work fails, mainly textures with prominent 
                         aligned features..",
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