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             abstract = "Generating triangular meshes from images is a task important to 
                         many applications. Usually, techniques that can do that either 
                         take as starting point a segmented image or generate a mesh 
                         without distinguishing different structures contained in the 
                         image. In both cases the results can be satisfactory for a number 
                         of applications, but the pre-segmentation and the absence of well 
                         defined structures imply in difficulties using the resulting mesh 
                         for simulations. Furthermore, guarantee of good quality meshes is 
                         also a common problem in previous results. In this work we present 
                         a new technique for mesh generation that handles these problems 
                         well. First, it eliminates the need for pre-processing by building 
                         the segmentation into the mesh generation process. Second, the 
                         mesh generation process takes into acount the quality of the mesh 
                         elements, producing as result meshes of better quality than 
                         previous techniques.",
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