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                         large sets of points. Our system supports powerful modeling 
                         operations that are applied directly to the points defining the 
                         surface. These operations are based on sketch input to allow 
                         directly creating objects using simple strokes. Objects may be 
                         edited by either by boundary oversketching, or by cutting, relief 
                         drawing on surfaces, merging and cloning. By combining these 
                         operations we can create complex shapes, including objects with 
                         sharp features. Our work uses the Multi-level Partition of Unity 
                         Implicits (MPU) technique to convert point clouds into implicit 
                         surfaces. Furthermore, we have devised a fast adaptive incremental 
                         polygonization algorithm which takes advantage of the MPU 
                         structure. This makes local re-polygonization possible and allows 
                         real-time modifications to large point sets since it avoids 
                         re-calculating the whole polygonal representation from scratch 
                         after each modification.",
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