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             abstract = "We present a new method for computing the dimensions of boxes from 
                         single perspective projection images in real time. Given a picture 
                         of a box, acquired with a camera whose intrinsic parameters are 
                         known, the dimensions of the box are computed from the extracted 
                         box silhouette and the projection of two parallel laser beams on 
                         one of its visible faces. We also present a statistical model for 
                         background removal that works with a moving camera, and an 
                         efficient voting scheme for identifying approximately collinear 
                         segments in the context of a Hough Transform. We demonstrate the 
                         proposed approach and algorithms by building a prototype of a 
                         scanner for computing box dimensions and using it to automatically 
                         compute the dimensions of real boxes. The paper also presents some 
                         statistics over measurements obtained with our scanner 
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