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             abstract = "Shading for cel animation based on images is a recent research 
                         topic in computer-assisted animation. This paper proposes an 
                         image-based shading pipeline to give a 3D appearance to a 2D 
                         character by inspecting the hand-drawn image directly. The 
                         proposed method estimates normal vectors on the character's 
                         outline and interpolates them over the remaining image. The method 
                         does not limit the animator's creative process and requires 
                         minimal user intervention. The resulting shading pipeline can be 
                         easily applied to photorealistic and non-photorealistic 2D cel 
                         animation. In the proposed method, the animator can easily 
                         simulate environment reflections on the surface of 2D reflecting 
                         objects. As far as the authors are concerned, the proposed 
                         technique is the only one in the literature that is genuinely an 
                         image-based method for 2D animation.",
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