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             abstract = "This paper presents an extension of vibro-acoustography imaging 
                         technique. The standard technique relies on the single-frequency 
                         dynamic radiation force (or stress) produced by a highly focused 
                         dual-frequency ultrasound beam. We propose a multifrequency 
                         vibro-acoustography method based on the radiation stress generated 
                         by a beam with multiple frequencies. The system point-spread 
                         function (PSF) is obtained in terms of the acoustic emission by a 
                         point-target in response to the employed radiation stress. The PSF 
                         is evaluated for an eight- and a sixteen-element sector array 
                         transducers. Three phantom images are used to show how the system 
                         transforms them into observed data. Considering only visual 
                         criteria such as contrast and resolution, simulations show the 
                         sixteen-element sector transducer renders better images.",
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