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             abstract = "We present an automatic face verification system inspired by known 
                         properties of biological systems. In the proposed algorithm the 
                         whole image is converted from the spatial to polar frequency 
                         domain by a Fourier-Bessel Transform (FBT). Using the whole image 
                         is compared to the case where only face image regions (local 
                         analysis) are considered. The resulting representations are 
                         embedded in a dissimilarity space, where each image is represented 
                         by its distance to all the other images, and a Pseudo-Fisher 
                         discriminator is built. Verification test results on the FERET 
                         database showed that the local-based algorithm outperforms the 
                         global-FBT version. The local-FBT algorithm performed as 
                         state-of-the-art methods under different testing conditions, 
                         indicating that the proposed system is highly robust for 
                         expression, age, and illumination variations. We also evaluated 
                         the performance of the proposed system under strong occlusion 
                         conditions and found that it is highly robust for up to 50% of 
                         face occlusion. Finally, we automated completely the verification 
                         system by implementing face and eye detection algorithms. Under 
                         this condition, the local approach was only slightly superior to 
                         the global approach.",
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