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             abstract = "The notion of {\^A}strength of connectedness{\^A} between pixels 
                         has been successfully used in image segmentation. We present an 
                         extension to these works, which can considerably increase the 
                         efficiency of object definition tasks. A set of pixels is said a 
                         k-connected component with respect to a seed pixel when the 
                         strength of connectedness of any pixel in that set with respect to 
                         the seed is higher than or equal to a threshold. While the 
                         previous approaches either assume no competition with a single 
                         threshold for all seeds or eliminate the threshold for seed 
                         competition, we found that seed competition with different 
                         thresholds can reduce the number of seeds and the need for user 
                         interaction during segmentation. We also propose automatic and 
                         user-friendly interactive methods for determining the thresholds. 
                         The improvements are demonstrated through several segmentation 
                         experiments involving medical images.",
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