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             abstract = "In this paper we explore the use of Petri Nets as a tool to 
                         control the movements of articulated figures in computer 
                         animations. This approach permits us to describe the animation 
                         sequence by means of the treatment of events present in its 
                         execution. An advantage of this method is that the control may be 
                         abstracted in different levels, varying from the definition of the 
                         relation among limbs for a single movement to behavioral 
                         directives. In addition, our treatment of events hides the 
                         mathematical model that describes the movement in fact, allowing 
                         the animators to choose the better technique for their 
                         applications. In this paper we use an inverse kinematics tool for 
                         this purpose. The use of Petri Nets also allows previewing the 
                         behavior of the animation before starting any shot.",
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