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             abstract = "The paper presents a framework for distributed reactive characters 
                         on a computer network and proposes innovative concepts for shared 
                         state management. Firstly, behavioral accuracy is defined in terms 
                         of three types of state (physical, procedural and emotional). 
                         Secondly, visual soundness, a concept inversely proportional to 
                         behavioral accuracy, is associated with the autonomy of clones. 
                         Thirdly, the usual concept of dead reckoning is relaxed by 
                         exploring the idea of autonomy, which is the basis for networked 
                         reactive characters. The framework, built on top of an open 
                         architecture toolkit called Bamboo, can gracefully cope with 
                         reactive environments producing good levels of visual soundness, 
                         which results in smooth animations, and behavioral accuracy.",
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