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                         Hierarchical Color Block Coding FHCBC three-color planes 
                         one-component image homogeneous blocks pixel trichromatic 
                         coefficients threshold value mean value fractal coding decoding 
                         process fractal decoding algorithm mean values trichromatic 
                         coefficient ratios three-component Separated Fractal Coding 
                         performance gains running time compression ratio reconstruction 
             abstract = "The paper presents a new fractal color image compression method, 
                         called Fractal Hierarchical Color Block Coding (FHCBC), which 
                         transforms the three-color planes of a color image into a 
                         one-component image by extracting correlation among them. It 
                         hierarchically divides the three-color planes into homogeneous 
                         blocks, and for each such block, the variance of pixels' 
                         trichromatic coefficients is within a certain threshold value. 
                         Then, each block is represented by its mean value of the pixels' 
                         trichromatic coefficient ratios, and just a one-component image is 
                         composed and compressed by fractal coding. In the decoding 
                         process, the reconstruction is carried out by a fractal decoding 
                         algorithm and the associated mean values of trichromatic 
                         coefficient ratios. In comparison with the well known 
                         three-component Separated Fractal Coding (SFC), the suggested 
                         method generates performance gains in running time, high 
                         compression ratio and equal level of reconstruction quality.",
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