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                         surfaces mesh refinement method subdivision surfaces semiregular 
                         3-direction hierarchical structure control meshes 2D manifolds 
                         arbitrary topology conforming variable-resolution mesh extraction 
                         spatially varying adaptation functions smoothing method 
                         generalized four direction box spline surfaces subdivision 
             abstract = "We introduce a new mesh refinement method for subdivision 
                         surfaces. It generates a semiregular 3-direction hierarchical 
                         structure from control meshes representing 2D manifolds of 
                         arbitrary topology. The main advantage of this structure is that 
                         it allows the extraction of conforming variable-resolution meshes 
                         based on spatially varying adaptation functions. We also present a 
                         smoothing method designed to work in conjunction with our 
                         semi-regular refinement. It produces generalized four direction 
                         box spline surfaces of class C/sup 1/. Together the refinement and 
                         smoothing operators result in a subdivision scheme that is very 
                         effective in multiresolution applications.",
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