%0 Conference Proceedings
%A Morita, Marisa Emika,
%A Lethelier, Edouard,
%A Yacoubi, Abdenaim El,
%A Bortolozzi, Flávio,
%A Sabourin, Robert,
%T Recognition of handwritten dates on bank checks using an HMM approach
%B Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, 13 (SIBGRAPI)
%D 2000
%E Carvalho, Paulo Cezar Pinto,
%E Walter, Marcelo,
%8 October
%J Los Alamitos
%I IEEE Computer Society
%C Gramado, RS, Brazil
%K handwriting recognition, automatic handwritten date recognition, Brazilian bank checks, omni-writer context, fixed lexicon, explicit segmentation technique, grapheme sequence, hidden Markov models, small database images.
%X The article presents the first results of our system applied to the automatic recognition of handwritten dates on Brazilian bank checks. Considering the omni-writer context, we detail our recognition module dedicated to processing the month field. This module is based on the combination of holistic and analytical approaches with a fixed lexicon. Both approaches operate with a single explicit segmentation technique to provide a grapheme sequence for the purposed hidden Markov models of each recognizer. We show significant improvements when combining both modules to get a satisfactory recognition rate considering the small database images we work with. Finally, we present various perspectives for future work.
%P 113-120
%O The conference was held in Gramado, RS, Brazil, from October 17 to 20.
%1 SBC - Brazilian Computer Society
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