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                         extraction, image classification, statistical classifiers, 
                         performance assessment, transform based methods, face detection.",
             abstract = "This work presents a new method to discriminate face from non-face 
                         images using Fourier descriptors. The first step of our approach 
                         consists in applying a horizontal edge detection filter in the 
                         input image, followed by the extraction of a 1D signal from the 
                         computed edge map. Then we calculate the Fourier descriptors from 
                         this signal and classify the image using statistical classifiers. 
                         In order to improve our results, we applied a feature selection 
                         algorithm. Preliminary performance assessment results have shown 
                         that this approach is superior than traditional transform based 
                         methods. Besides, these results showed that our method might be 
                         used to develop a fast face detection system.",
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