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             abstract = "We present a novel algorithm for shape estimation, using both 
                         brightness and brightness gradient as input data. Our algorithm is 
                         an improvement of the recently introduced Green's function 
                         approach to shape-from-shading (GSFS). In GSFS, we assume that the 
                         single brightness image will be matched to a second image through 
                         a uniform disparity field, and solve for the matching image via 
                         Green's function. When a linear expansion of the reflectance map 
                         is considered, the matching image can be related to surface 
                         gradient, leading to a closed-form depth map whose free parameters 
                         are easily estimated. The author shows that the same procedure can 
                         be repeated with the gradient image as input; a second depth 
                         estimate thus results which takes into account higher-frequency 
                         components of the imaged surface. Extensive experimentation with 
                         synthetic and real images corroborates the advantage of the new 
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