%0 Conference Proceedings
%A Morimoto, Carlos Hitoshi,
%A Koons, David,
%A Amir, Arnon,
%A Flickner, Myron,
%A Zhai, Shumin,
%T Keeping an eye for HCI
%B Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, 12 (SIBGRAPI)
%D 1999
%E Stolfi, Jorge,
%E Tozzi, Clésio Luis,
%8 October
%J Los Alamitos, CA
%I IEEE Computer Society
%C Campinas, SP, Brazil
%K hci, eye, eye-ware.
%X Advanced Human Computer Interaction (HCI) techniques are required to enhance current computer interfaces. In this paper we present an eye gaze tracking system based on a robust low-cost-real-time pupil detector, and describe some eye-aware applications being developed to enhance HCI. Pupils are segmented using an active lighting scheme that exploits very particular properties of eyes. Once the pupil is detected, its center is tracked along with the corneal reflection (CR) generated by the light sources. Assuming small head motion, the eye gaze direction is computed based on the vector between the centers of the CR and the pupil. after a brief calibration procedure. Other information such as pupil size and blink rate can also be made available. The current prototype runs at frame rate, providing 30 samples of the gaze position per second to all gaze-aware applications, such as advanced pointing and selection mechanisms.
%P 171-176
%O The conference was held in Campinas, SP, Brazil, from October 17 to 20.
%1 SBC - Brazilian Computer Society and UNICAMP - University of Campinas
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