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             abstract = "This paper presents several extensions of the basic CPA algorithm. 
                         First we compare CPA to standard corner detection algorithms and 
                         then turn to the question of selecting control points with 
                         adequate dispersion since this is crucial for accurate 
                         registration. Two selection methods are proposed. The first 
                         consists of clustering the control points via the Lloyd algorithm 
                         followed by selecting the dominant control point in each cluster. 
                         This 'gold stantard' approach produces excellent dispersion but is 
                         costly in terms of computacional effort. The second selection 
                         method consists of subdividing the image and then selecting 
                         dominant control points in each subdivision. This is extremely 
                         fast and produces results comparable to the Lloyd selection 
                         method. The paper concludes with a discussion of how LS operator 
                         norm information can be coupled with anisotropic diffusion to 
                         produce smoothed images without corner degradation.",
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