%0 Conference Proceedings
%A Velho, Luiz,
%A Gomes, Jonas,
%T Quasi 4-8 subdivision surfaces
%B Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, 12 (SIBGRAPI)
%D 1999
%E Stolfi, Jorge,
%E Tozzi, Clésio Luis,
%8 October
%J Los Alamitos, CA
%I IEEE Computer Society
%C Campinas, SP, Brazil
%K subdivision schemes, four-directional meshes, quincunx lattice, refinement, smoothing
%X This paper present a new scheme for subdivision surfaces that is based on four-directional meshes. It combines geometry-sensitive refinement with convolution smoothing. The scheme has a simple, efficient implementation and generates well-shaped meshes which converge to smooth surfaces.
%P 17-26
%O The conference was held in Campinas, SP, Brazil, from October 17 to 20.
%1 SBC - Brazilian Computer Society and UNICAMP - University of Campinas
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