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             abstract = "Medical imaging is quickly becoming daily routine in hospitals and 
                         clinics, especially due to the rapid development of the techniques 
                         in computer graphics. This equipment generates volume datasets of 
                         patients under investigation, which need to be processed in order 
                         to be presented to physicians. As the quantity of data in such 
                         volumes is high, algorithms are needed in order to extract 
                         meaningful medical information, so that physicians can interpret 
                         them. Patient structures to be segmented are outlined by local 
                         elastic deformation of corresponding objects from the anatomy 
                         model. This is performed in voxel space using a cost minimization 
                         procedure. The anatomic knowledge acquired in this manner is 
                         stored in a patient specific volume dataset and guides a raycaster 
                         with respect to the localization of object surfaces in order to 
                         control the result of the deformation process.",
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