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             abstract = "Weather forecast centers usually deal with a great volume of 
                         complex multivariate data, which usually have to be interpreted 
                         within short time. Tools that use scientific visualization 
                         techniques can be a great help providing support for both daily 
                         forecasting and meteorological research. This work presents a 
                         collection of tools designed primarily to aid the daily tasks of 
                         meteorologists from the 8th Meteorological District, in the South 
                         of Brazil. The tasks of meteorologists and the classes of 
                         application data were observed to define tools requirements. 
                         System architecture and implementation follow a tool-oriented 
                         approach and the object-oriented programming paradigm, 
                         respectively. Current implementation provides mapping tools, that 
                         generate contour plots, icons maps, and a variety of graphs; 
                         recording tools, that allow to save and load images generated by 
                         the system; and a query tool, to read variables' values at 
                         selected meteorological stations.",
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