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             abstract = "This work presents new methods for the tomographic reconstruction 
                         of images with Poisson noise corrupted projections. The 
                         reconstruction method is performed by first filtering the noisy 
                         projections under the Maximum a Posteriori criterion and 
                         subsequently reconstructing the images through conventional 
                         filtering-backprojection methods using the ramp filter. The {"}a 
                         priori{"} knowledge is incorporated by using several densities, 
                         including the Gaussian and densities defined on the non-negative 
                         real line. These densities were used to denote the fact that the 
                         rates of counting on the projections are non-negative quantities. 
                         Experimental results, both simulated and real, indicate that, by 
                         using the MAP criterion, it is possible to obtain better 
                         performance, as compared to conventional methods of 
                         reconstruction, with a very small increase in computational 
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