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             abstract = "Many aproaches have been proposed to generate a shape 
                         interpolation, or morphing, of polyhedral objects in a facet based 
                         representation. Most of them focus only the correspondence 
                         problem, leaving the interpolation process to just a corresponding 
                         vertices interpolation. In this paper we present a variation for 
                         the 3-dimension space of the technic used in [Oliv96], that uses 
                         TFDs (Fields of Directions defined in a Triangulation). Our 
                         algorithm is based on a field of vectors defined in a constrained 
                         tetrahedralization of the space between the two objects to be 
                         interpolated, after having placed one inside the other. The 
                         algorithm guarantees to generate homeomorphisms and a topology 
                         preserving continuous transformation process between the models. 
                         Examples of such transformations involving simple models are 
                         presented to ilustrate the approach.",
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