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             abstract = "The drop size distribution of sprinkler spray is of practical 
                         importance for two reasons. The first one is because the small 
                         droplets are subject to wind drift, distorting the application 
                         pattern. Second, large droplets possess greater kinetic energy 
                         which is transferred to the soil surface causing particle 
                         dislodgment and pudding that may result in surface crusting and 
                         runoff. We present in this paper a technique based on image 
                         processing for measure drop size distribution from agricultural 
                         sprinklers in automatic mode. This technique has the advantage of 
                         being a direct measurement method that allows to know the 
                         characteristics of agricultural sprinklers, which allows to study 
                         the effects of pressure and nozzle size on the distributions. The 
                         method was obtained using properties of the Fourier for 
                         correlation analysis in frequency domain. Results allow both 
                         farmers to change on existing irrigation systems to cope with 
                         field problems caused by low intake rates and runoff and 
                         development work to improve the uniformity of distribution of 
                         sprays from agricultural sprinklers.",
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